10 Creative Ideas for Unfinished Bathroom Vanities

10 Creative Ideas for Unfinished Bathroom Vanities

From bathtubs to flooring, there are several different bathroom areas, but one of the most important is bathroom vanities. Bathroom vanities are the focal point of any bathroom and are one of the first pieces you see when you walk into the room.

In today’s market, there are many creative bathroom vanities, from bright white to natural wood.

You can find many creative ideas for unfinished bathroom vanities that will allow you to make a statement in your home. As your unfinished bathroom vanity serves as a vital area for design, it’s not only for style but for convenience, too!

If you’re researching how to give your bathroom that creative, unique touch you’re looking for, we’ve compiled a list of innovative ideas for unfinished bathroom vanities to get you started.


Best 10 Creative Ideas for Unfinished Bathroom Vanities

1. Kids design with tile work

If you ask a child how they’d like their bathroom to look, they’d probably give you answers such as their favorite Marvel or video game character or bright tiles. To provide an eye-catching appearance, you can incorporate white tiles with black grout for the walls. Additionally, adding a child’s favorite character will help give your bathroom a creative design.

As for the main focus, the unfinished bathroom vanity, you can paint the cabinets blue, paired with a blue stepping stool and grey-framed mirror for a contemporary touch.

2. Wooden vanity

If a neutral color scheme is what you’re looking for, wooden vanities can give your bathroom a contemporary and elegant look for your home. A wooden vanity with a double sink will help create a sophisticated appearance.

To enhance the space, add a white tile backsplash to create a timeless, elegant pairing, while a shade of black paint for the walls will give the bathroom more depth.

3. Contemporary green vanity

If you’re looking for a vanity that makes a huge statement, this unique, green, contemporary design might be just what you need. With a vibrant gray shade, a green vanity will give your bathroom a one-of-a-kind appearance.

To bring out the shade of your bathroom vanity, add crisp whites to your walls and allow your vanity to be the star of the show.

While a crisp white wall and tile flooring will give it your bathroom a textural appearance, a pair of mirrored cabinets with your green vanity will bring depth to your bathroom.

4. White upgrade

Having a white bathroom doesn’t mean it needs to be basic and uninviting. According to some bathroom designers, you can take it up a notch adding sections of minimalist touches such as a white bathroom vanity with stainless steel features and a marble open shelf. With just the right shade of pure white, you can transform your entire bathroom design, recognizing that even an upgrade white-painted bathroom vanity is still enough to define the space.

5. Contemporary vanity with exposed brick

In a contemporary bathroom with exposed brick, your walls will help bring a raw feeling of unfinished bathroom appearance. With the geometrical vanity contrasts, the brick will allow your vanity to give a rustic, modern appearance.

A backsplash and mosaic tile can give your bathroom a textural look, while the natural-looking vanity and white vessel sinks give it the final touch.

6. Gray floating vanity

Attracted by its golden-mirror framing and unique shape, a marble style backsplash can elevate any ordinary bathroom instantly. To highlight its gorgeous patterns, white grout does an excellent job of bringing the marble into focus.

A gray floating vanity with wooden under shelves can help create an elegant and sleek appearance, paired with gold hardware to add luxury.

7. Modern black vanity

Even if your bathroom is designed with a color scheme, choosing materials wisely can help create an elevated space. Adding white-squared tiles around your bathroom vanity will create a textural appearance paired with black grout.

Turning your unfinished bathroom vanity into a black floating vanity will help give your bathroom a modern finish.

8. Luxurious design with gold accents

If you love the “more is more” approach, the style you’re searching for might be an electric style. In an electric-style bathroom, a black color scheme with gold accents will be a luxurious addition to your bathroom.

Finishing your unfinished bathroom vanity with black shades and gold accents will give your bathroom a glamorous appeal.

For an added touch, add a mirror to pair with the elegance of the vanity, while the gold accents add drama to the space. To add a layer of texture, you add a black and white patterned floor.

8. Vintage

If you want a vintage appearance, a custom-built unfinished bathroom vanity is perfect for creating a vintage-style piece. To protect the wood from water, you can seal it using a matte sealer while adding marble countertops and a sink. Thanks to paint options, the vanity treatment will resemble an aged copper look.

9. Neutral

To give your unfinished bathroom vanities an exciting new look, you won’t need to get too dramatic. Use layers of glaze, stain, and brown paint to give your unfinished bathroom vanity an aged appearance. By sanding the cabinet’s pieces, this adds a distressed, rustic charm that pairs beautifully with small crystal knobs to give the appearance of an antique vanity.

10. Turquoise makeover

To refresh your unfinished bathroom vanity, using turquoise paint is a way to incorporate a happy color to your bathroom setting. A durable paint you can select is satin-finish latex that will give your vanity a sheen without being overwhelmingly shiny. Paired with brushed-nickel hardware and marble countertops, this is just the touch it needs to contribute a splash of sparkle!


What is the Most Durable Bathroom Vanity?

Some of the most durable materials for bathroom vanities are solid wood and quartz, especially woods such as maple and oak. There are exceptions, however, which include natural stone or marble, which can stain, and MDF wood, which can warp if exposed to moisture. So, what makes a bathroom vanity durable?

Some factors that help make a bathroom vanity durable are the materials, quality construction, hardware, finishings and coatings, and maintenance. Some of the most durable materials include solid wood and plywood.


Unfinished Bathroom Vanities: FAQ

1. Is it cheaper to buy a pre-made vanity?

A pre-made vanity will cost less than a custom vanity and allow for fewer alterations. Some pre-made bathroom vanities don’t include a countertop, so you’ll need to purchase a pre-built option or have one built.

2. What is the most durable material for a bathroom vanity?

The most durable materials for a bathroom vanity are solid wood and quartz, especially woods such as maple and oak. If exposed to moisture, MDF wood can warp.

3. What color bathroom vanity is timeless?

If you’re looking for a versatile and timeless bathroom, white vanities are just what you need. White bathroom vanities can create a crisp, clean look, making your bathroom more open. White vanities also pair well with just about any color shade.

4. What material is waterproof for a bathroom vanity?

One material that is completely waterproof for bathroom vanities is PVC, as it doesn’t require any additional measures during installation of the material.

5. What color vanity will make my bathroom look bigger?

To make your bathroom look bigger, white vanities never go out of style and have the added advantage of reflecting light better than other colors.

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